Glacier Excavating, Inc. (GEI) is an earth work business, registered in the state of Montana, which specializes in stream restoration, wetland construction, and other water quality projects. GEI is fully owned by Bob Cuffe, who serves as President and provides complete oversight of administration, contractual, purchasing, construction, and other duties performed by GEI employees. Bob graduated from the University of Idaho in 1993 with a degree in Business/Finance and spent five years involved in bank management developing skills prior to the formation of GEI.

In 2003, Bob completed a Contractor Workshop on Rosgen Techniques for Stream Restoration, and continued his education with Whildland Hydrolgory/Rosgen Levels I and II in 2011.

GEI employs an average of twelve individuals during the course of a work season, with most of these employees having long tern experience in the construction industry as equipment operators. Several employees have over 10,000 hours equipment operating experience, including extensive stream restoration experience, education, and training in constructing engineered bank stabilization structures, channel shaping, floodplain microtopography, revegetation, water/diversion management and site surveying.