Glacier Excavating has unique capabilities and experience in the area of stream restoration.

Special Accreditation
Bob Cuffe has completed advanced Stream Restoration Courses under Dr. Dave Rosgen in Ashville, North Carolina.  The Level 1 Course (Applied Fluvial Geomorphology) and the Level 2 Course (River Morphology and Applications) establish credentials rarely found among excavating companies in the United States.

Glacier Excavating has contracted with private and government organizations to improve land along rivers, creeks and lakes. Included in these projects is the construction of specified wood and rock structures to improve fish habitat, provide flood protection and bank stabilization.

Partial List of Clients

Rock Creek Streambank Stabilization, Clinton, MT Private Trust 2015
Foys Bend Stream Mitigation, Flathead County, MT MT Dept. of Transportation 2015
Sauerkrat Creek, Lincoln, MT Trout Unlimited 2015
Cedar Creek, Near Superior, MT Trout Unlimited 2015
Schrieber Lake Mitigation, Libby, MT MT Dept. of Transportation 2014/5
Upper 9 Mile/Sawpit Creek Restoration, Alberton, MT Trout Unlimited 2014
Silicon Mountain Aquatic Resource Mitigation, Butte, MT MT Dept. of Transportation 2013/4
Judith River Slide Repair, Lewistown, MT MT Dept. of Transportation 2013
Sinclair Creek Restoration Project, Eureka, MT Tobacco-Yaak Forest 2013
Haskill Creek, Whitefish, MT Flathead Conservation District 2012